Home Care

Delivering perfume to a fabric when doing the laundry is not easy because, by their very nature, perfumes are volatile substances and tend to volatilise or disperse during washing in relatively hot water. A further difficulty arises from the widespread use of gas or electric clothes dryers in which washed fabrics are tumbled at relatively high temperatures. Even perfumes with a degree of substantivity for fabrics will volatilise to a large extent in a dryer with the result that the finished laundry only has a very faint odour which rapidly dissipates. Yet by encapsulating the perfume in a water-insoluble shell, the perfume is protected throughout the laundry operation.

A significant number of microcapsules are entrained in or otherwise become associated with the fabric during the washing process and remain intact through the remainder of the laundry procedure. The perfume is actually applied to the washing only when the microcapsules rupture. This can occur to some extent during the automatic drying step of a home laundering operation but principally occurs after clothes have been laundered and are being used.

MikroCaps offers a microencapsulation service for the encapsulation of fragrances supplied by other producers that will suit different systems and demands.

Personal Care

Many cosmetics and personal care products contain active substances that require encapsulation for increased stability. Microencapsulation provides an important tool for cosmetic industry, enabling protection and controlled release of several active agents, like fragrances, essential and natural oils, antioxidants, vitamins,  etc. MikroCaps offers formaldehyde-free encapsulation of actives for various applications according to international cosmetics regulations.

Industrial sectors

Microencapsulation can involve a wide range of applications and be applied to all industrial sectors. Here are some of the industries we serve, although they are not the only ones. discuss cooperation in any field.