MikroCaps offers encapsulated fragrances with the desired release principle (long-term release by diffusion or a “scratch and sniff” system). MikroCaps fragrances have a high temperature and pressure resistance and are suitable for applications, such as fabric softeners, cosmetics, textile, carpets, papers and inks, coatings, foams. Read more about MikroCaps Fragrances


Microencapsulated paraffins involve encapsulated paraffin-based phase change materials (PCMs) in a polymeric shell. PCMs are substances with a high heat capacity of fusion. They are capable of storing and releasing large amounts of energy. Heat is absorbed or released when the material changes from a solid to a liquid state and vice versa. In contrast to microcapsules which must be gradually released from the shell, this kind of material has to be hermetically closed within a membrane.

We can provide microencapsulated paraffins with different melting points. Our PCMs have high temperature and mechanical resistance and can be used for different applications. Read more about MikroCaps PCMs