Microencapsulation is the process by which core material, particles or droplets of solid or liquid material are surrounded or coated with a film of polymeric material to produce capsules in the micrometre range, known as microcapsules. Microencapsulation procedures enable the core material to be isolated and protected from environmental influences, its release into the environment to be controlled or delayed, the handling properties of hazardous material to be improved and the reactive core to be isolated from chemical attack.

With microencapsulation, capsules are designed and prepared to meet all the requirements considering the properties of the core material, the intended use of the product, and the storage environment. The requirements of final products define the characteristics of microcapsules, their size, their mode of release, and the type of microcapsule membrane.

Microencapsulation can involve a wide range of applications and be applied to all industrial sectors. Here are some of the industries we serve, although they are not the only ones. We are open to discuss cooperation in any field. Please contact us for more information about microencapsulated solutions for your business.

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