In the last few decades printed products have had to compete with other media like online publications, radio and TV. Therefore, it is predicted that printed products will disappear if they do not offer any advantage over other media. Consequently, new concepts have to be developed that improve the attributes of printed materials like packages, books and newspapers. The use of fragrances in printing is a concept offering such promising prospects.

MikroCaps offers different microencapsulated fragrances which can be used for paper, scented inks and varnishes. MikroCaps microencapsulated fragrances are resistant to high temperatures, ensuring that the microcapsules will not boil during the printing process. They are also suitable for paper applications. Due to the microcapsules’ small size and their high mechanical and temperature resistance, MikroCaps encapsulated fragrances are simply applied to the surface of paper in different process stages.

We can provide fragrances with a “scratch&sniff” and slow-release system. We offer different types of scents and are also ready to encapsulate your own fragrances. Please tell us about your wishes and let us introduce smells to your paper.

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