Fragrances are highly volatile compounds that are very sensitive to environmental influences. Encapsulation is therefore often necessary to provide a longer activity time, protection against the environment, as well as the simple incorporation and controlled release of fragrances in different systems. MikroCaps encapsulated fragrances are adjusted according to the customer’s requirements and application type. MikroCaps fragrances are:

  • formaldehyde-free,
  • with slow release or ‘scratch and sniff’ principle,
  • easy incorporated in end-products,
  • very stable with long shelf life,
  • in water dispersion form,
  • providing excellent smell intensity…

They are ready to use in various applications such as:

  • Home and Personal Care (fabric softeners, detergents, cosmetics, refresheners),
  • Textile (matresses, garments, carpets),
  • Coatings (decorative wood and wall coatings),
  • Paper and printing inks.
  • Others (foams, plastics).

Stability control in the fabric softener

Test: T=40°C, 8 weeks

Fragrance microcapsules fragrance in the softener: stable vs. unstable

Characteristics of MikroCaps fragrances

  • Loading: 25-40 w%
  • Size of the microcapsules: 1 to 30 µm
  • Types of membrane: Formaldehyde free capsules
  • Releasing types:  Slow release, mechanical stress and combination
  • Stability: Perfect stability in fabric softeners

MikroCaps also offers microencapsulation service for the encapsulation of your fragrances. Please contact us for further details.