Fragrances are highly volatile compounds that are very sensitive to environmental influences. Encapsulation is therefore often necessary to provide a longer activity time, protection against the environment, as well as the simple incorporation and controlled release of fragrances in different systems. MikroCaps encapsulated fragrances are adjusted according to the customer’s requirements and application type. MikroCaps fragrances are:

  • formaldehyde-free,
  • with slow release or ‘scratch and sniff’ principle,
  • easy incorporated in end-products,
  • very stable with long shelf life,
  • in water dispersion form,
  • providing excellent smell intensity…

They are ready to use in various applications such as:

  • Home and Personal Care (fabric softeners, detergents, cosmetics, refresheners),
  • Textile (matresses, garments, carpets),
  • Coatings (decorative wood and wall coatings),
  • Paper and printing inks.
  • Others (foams, plastics).

BIOCAPS fragrances

MikroCaps provide BIOCAPS encapsulation service to many fragrance producers. BIOCAPS fragrances can be used for detergents and cosmetics. Our patented technology is the result of our intensive development over the last five years and it has been successfully transferred to production so that we can continue to offer our partners (fragrance producers) excellent encapsulation service.

The biodegradability of our BIOCAPS was determined using the OECD 301 test. The results of the biodegradability test showed more than 60% biodegradability in 28 days, which proves that our capsules are biodegradable.

Performance testing of our BIOCAPS fragrances with various partners has shown excellent smelling performance and adequate stability in the final products, which is at least on the same or even better level than other types of capsules made with nonbiodegradable polymer membranes.

Biocaps floater