MikropCaps MOSQ PROTECT is a water based dispersion of microcapsules in which insecticide is caught in an inert shell.

It is used for decorative wall coatings to get long term anti mosquito activity. After coating applying and complete water evaporation the insecticide slowly pass from the capsules on the surface which is that way all the time activated.

Other advantages of MikroCaps Mosq Protect are:

  • Lower phitotoxicity
  • For inner and outdoor applications
  • Suitable also for non-professionals,
  • Protection against environmental degradation,
  • Decreased costs as less active material is needed,
  • Safer handling
  • Extension of activity duration for an equal level of active agent
  • Reduction of leaching and evaporation into the environment


MikroCaps MOSQ PROTECT is simply incorporated in water-based interior paints by stirring. It could be added in paint during production or it could be used as an additive for do it yourself system. In both cases, insecticide does not pass from the capsules until the coating is applied to a surface and water does not evaporate.

Due to their high mechanical resistance, microcapsules do not crack during incorporation in the coating. The small size of the microcapsules does not affect the appearance of the surface coating. The white appearance of MikroCaps MOSQ PROTECT is suitable for incorporation in different colour shades.

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