MikroCaps R&D Service

MikroCaps employees face many challenges. We also expect to face them in the future. We want to create the future on a sustainable basis. This calls for commitment, engagement, courage and creativity from everybody. We are confident that due to our experience, knowledge and passion regarding the microencapsulation business we are on the right path to successfully developing the company further together with our business partners to whom we can offer solutions from the initial conceptual stage to the preparation of basic engineering for process installation.

Due to our experience and knowledge in the microencapsulation field we can resolve many of your problems regardless of which sector of industry is involved. We can help you protect solid particles or liquid droplets from external activity and ensure a precise release rate of the active components. Should you need further details of our solutions, please contact us and explain your needs to us so you can Encapsulate your Business.

MikroCaps Manufacturing Service

MikroCaps’ manufacturing facilities enable pilot and full-scale manufacturing services. In addition to full-scale production services, MikroCaps offers contract manufacturing services to partners interested in different encapsulated products. Ensuring the high quality of products and services and the continual improvement of processes is a major quideline of MikroCaps. With our quick responsiveness and ability to adapt, we make sure that our partners can rely on us.

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